Man City escape with fine and will earn it back in handful of games!

Man City have become a club people love to hate. In large part due to their insane wealth, recent success and their flirtation with bending the rules.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) deemed that a ban from lucrative competition wasn’t necessary and that a fine equating to a drop in the ocean was more than sufficient punishment when City presented their appeal earlier this week. To earn back the £10m they have been ordered to pay they will simply need to reach the last 16 of the tournament they were supposed to be excluded from.

Klopp and Mourinho speak-“Man City ruling is not good for game”

Both Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho have spoken out with the Liverpool Manager stating how this ruling is not good for the game whilst Spurs boss Mourinho says that the overturning of the European ban is both disgraceful and a disaster.

Initially hit with a 2 year ban from European football and a fine that was close to £30m in February, Man City were found guilty of serious breaches of the FFP regulations. Something that many wealthy clubs have found themselves caught up in over recent years.

Both Man City and PSG have fallen foul but not really suffered any serious penalties for their misdemeanours. When compared to smaller clubs in European football, it would appear to many that the wealthier you are, the easier it is to escape with little more than a slap on the wrist.

A report on sqaf shows that the fines for the bigger teams are higher than those imposed on smaller teams. The impact felt by the poorer clubs is far more detrimental too. With a lack of matchday and TV revenue and less big name players, a fine of £300k can severely dent a teams bank balance for several seasons.

Disaster for Romanian giant

Rapid Bucharest were dealt a 100k fine in 2012 and since then have flirted with multiple relegations and bankruptcies. After winning promotion to the Romanian top flight, they were not granted a licence to play. They took this decision to CAS but could not afford the 30k trial fee and had to source it via crowd funding. Eventually having their licence reinstated it was thought this historic club may return to previous glory days. It wasn’t to be. An awful season saw them relegated and the writing was on the wall. Promotion followed and offered a glimmer of hope yet such was the crippling of the club that they were unable to register any players, coaches or staff. On 14th December 2016 Rapid were declared bankrupt again.

It is unlikely we will see similar issues blight City or other wealthy clubs.



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