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Ten Pin Bowling IS a sport, a very technical one at that. One of only a handful of sports that anyone can participate it and compete as an equal. What other sport takes absolutely no skill on first attempt but can take a lifetime of practice & skill to master.


Bowing as a sport was featured in the Olympic games in 1988 and narrowly missed out on being included in the 2020 & 2024 games at the last round of voting. There is a strong amateur & professional circuit in both the UK & worldwide with competitions & tournaments being streamed online for free on a daily basis.


Did you know…There are 301 variations of score possible but a mind boggling 5,726,805,883,325,784,576 (about 6 billion billion, or 6 quintillion) ways to get to those scores. Just to get to 100 & break into triple figures there are 50,613,244,155,051,856 different ways to achieve this.

Ten pins are arranged in the form of a triangle with its vertex oriented towards the bowler. The arrangement of the 10 bowling pins is that of a tetractys and is also triangular number (T4).


It’s physics that makes bowling what it is, especially at a professional level.

All lanes are ‘oiled’, this was initially done to protect the wooded surfaces from the friction ‘burn’ a ball creates when being bowled down the lane but nowadays it is as much about testing the bowler as shielding the lanes.

‘Oil patterns’ as they are known in the sport, are used to add an element of variability & thus difficulty to the sport. The patterns vary by the amount of oil laid down, density of the oil (it often varies down the lane, so somewhere it may be a very thin layer of oil and elsewhere it’s a very thick layer). Viscosity of the oil, temperature and even humidity of the environment.

The skill of the sport is as much in beating the ‘oil pattern’ as it is knocking down the pins.

We’d love to work together to plan a trip to make it as educational or relaxed as your syllabus requires. In fact, it doesn’t even need to have any educational element to it, just come and have fun if that’s all you want to get out of the visit.